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Film Content Management System
Content Management System
MediaLogiq's premiere film Content Management System is an all-in-one solution for film distribution... Read more
Media Asset Management
Media Asset Management
A modular, web-based Media Asset Management system fueled by an unrivaled, dynamic engine and a user-friendly interface... Read more
Digital Rights Management
Digital Rights Management
The most robust Digital Rights Management system on the market, MediaRights is flexible, scalable and completely user-defined... Read more
Film Distribution Software
Film Distribution Software
As a turnkey solution, MediaRights is the most competitively priced film distribution software on the market... Read more
Broadcast Syndication
Broadcast Syndication
MediaRights ensures that your business runs efficiently by channeling the rights licensing process through a seamless workflow... Read more
Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property
MediaRights enables film producers and distributors basic and advanced options to quickly search and locate the desired motion picture, and peek at the rights assigned to the film... Read more
Availability & Sales
Availability & Sales
MediaRights provides a seamless transition from running an availability query to creating a proposal, a sales order, or a contract... Read more
Financing & Reporting
Financing & Reporting
Manage any aspect of your company's invoicing, receipts and reporting. MediaRights includes key reports, and allows additional reports to be customized for each client. Read more
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Motion Picture Rights Licensing
Developed over twenty five years and working with leading film production and distribution companies, MediaRights is the most flexible and most powerful film Content Management System available today.

With user-defined tables and time-saving wizards, the MediaRights platform simplifies your work, so you concentrate more on making sales. In addition, users have the ability to send a fully customized email with attachments to specific audience. This is ideal for available film promotion and prospecting.
Key Modules
  • Web-Based
  • Scalable Architecture
  • Customizable Film Catalog
  • Distribution Rights & Ristrictions
  • Real-Time Conflict Checking
  • Sales & Contract Management
  • Automatic Notifications
  • Payment Terms & Financial Reporting
  • Invoicing & Servicing
  • Revenue Recognition
  • Email Blast for Targeted Marketing
  • State-of-th-art Security and User-Management
  • View in HTML, Export to Excel and PDF
  • More...

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