Welcome to MediaRights, the ultimate rights management system for film distribution!
MediaRights History


MediaLogiq Systems has developed software for the entertainment industry for over almost three decades. Our ground-breaking team created a standard, cross-market research solution for distributors to track and analyze programs airing in international territories – ITVR.

Working with studios to develop ITVR to monitor licensed products, MediaLogiq identified its next opportunity: MediaRights, used by distribution companies, is a rights management system that understands the details and complexities inherent in film and television rights distribution. MediaRights is web-based, logical, scalable, with a forward thinking design, and smart functionality, which handles any type of intellectual property.

At MediaLogiq, we look for opportunities to provide business solutions to the entertainment industry. Delivering world-class solutions requires cutting-edge engineering and a thorough understanding of the film and television rights distribution commerce. We’re always a step ahead of the next advancement in technology and are quick to evolve with media trends.