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MediaRights Availability & Sales

Availability & Sales

In the world of media distribution, availabilities and sales go hand-in-hand. MediaRights is a software designed to provide a seamless transition from running an availability query to creating a proposal, a sales order, or a contract.

More often than not, film production and distribution companies use archaic or inflexible software for film rights licensing and distribution, or use a random software readily available, such as Microsoft Excel or FileMaker, which are not designed around the specific needs of film rights licensing and/or distribution. Media rights management software should be able to check the availability of films at every step of the sales process to guarantee conflicts never occur - MediaRights is that software!

The Availability component lists motion picture rights availabilities for selected titles, territories and media types and is equipped with automatic and real-time conflict-checking every step of the way. Regardless of any internal rules and regulations for acquisition, MediaRights adjusts, and enables users to search for available television-program distribution rights to turn into a proposal, a sales order or a contract. Moreover, MediaRights offers users rich criteria to display available rights by Genre, Language Track (material), Gross Theatrical Amount, First-Run or Re-Run, Release Dates, and many other filtering capabilities. The transition from running an availability query to creating a proposal, a sales order or a contract is merely seamless with "shopping cart" checkout method.

The key to a rights licening software is the awareness that a film is available for distribution. This allows sales executives and/or authorized users to create/maintain Proposal, Sales Orders, Contracts and Amendments without constantly worrying about conflicts. Creating a Sales Order from scratch utilizes the Deal Memo Wizard, which floats through the sales-order creation process with minimum input. Steps include Header Detail, Rights Detail, Film Title, License Fees, Episode Titles (if applicable) Payment Terms, Materials/Delivery, Additional Terms and Internal Notes. Moreover, users can attach short form/long form contracts, edit rights, approve amendments and change licensee options.