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Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting

One of the most useful features in MediaRights is the reporting component. While developing the reports section, many thoughts went into careful consideration, such as each company having different priorities and reporting needs. Thus, MediaRights settled on including some key pedestal reports, and allowing additional reports to be customized for each client.

With a professional appearance, MediaRights includes reports such as, Film Catalog, Best-Selling Films, Motion Picture Licensed Rights, Overage Report, Film Runs-Tracking, Royalty Report, Sales Report, Sales Forecast Report, Sales Statistics, A/R Aging, A/R Cash Flow Forecast, Cash Receipts, Invoice Summary, Participation Report, Revenue Recognition, Unbilled License Fees, and many more.

In addition, a good film rights licensing software should also be able to link several departments together. This will minimize maintenance and maximize productivity – MediaRights does just that!

The Finance module is comprised of functionalities that enable you to track and manage any aspect of your company’s invoicing and receipts, regardless of whether they represent License Fees, Materials Creation or earned Royalties.

Payment Terms
Search by date or triggering event for payments that are due to be invoiced.
Invoice Maintenance
Search invoices by licensee, contract, date, status or type. Edit, delete or void individual invoices. Export invoices for printing.
Cash Receipts
Process payments and apply to open invoices
Credit Notes
Issue a credit note for a licensee and apply that credit to open invoices.
Revenue Recognition
Track earnings statements