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September 7, 2018
Five Reasons to Meet MediaLogiq Systems at MIPCOM 2018
Cannes 2018
With MIPCOM right around the corner, we know you’re busy getting ready to head to France to buy and sell at the world's leading entertainment content market. We're excited to be sending our team to the Palais to offer you exclusive demos of our revolutionary decision support systems. Schedule a meeting to see how MediaLogiq Software and Service can amp up your distribution and acquisition efforts. It will be worth your while!
Here are Five Reasons why MediaLogiq Systems should be on your Meeting Schedule for MIPCOM:
  1. Test Drive the Media Industry’s Most Dynamic Rights Management Platform
    A modular, web-based system fueled by an unrivaled, dynamic engine and a user-friendly interface, MediaRights creates an error-proof environment for licensing with precise availability calculations and real-time conflict-checking. With a forward-looking design, save-and-recall features and time-saving wizards that seamlessly guide you through the licensing process, MediaRights is an intuitive tool built for all levels of Users.

  2. Discover How to Streamline your Content Distribution Strategy Online
    Scalable, mobile and secure, MediaRights is designed to keep your entire distribution team in sync while you make sales, close deals and move your content effortlessly. MediaRights is a platform independent, web-based application. With just an internet connection and a web-browser, you can export product catalogs, run availabilities, draft a sales order and create an invoice within minutes.

  3. Learn How We Can Help You Escape Your Stagnant, Legacy Systems
    You know you’re losing out on opportunities and wasting time and money by not making use of a cutting-edge licensing system. So don’t let the daunting task of converting out of your archaic rights licensing tool stop you from making the switch! We are experts in Conversion Support from Legacy Systems and make the process as pain-free as possible by managing the migration with automated procedures. When choosing old over new, stick to wine and friends. Leave the rest to us.

  4. Transform Data into Actionable Intel with our Viewing Behavior Analysis Tool
    A cloud-based, global audience analytics platform, ITVR combines data with cross-market identification and global research to maximize your data investment. Our proprietary classification mapping system enables standardized analysis of data from multiple sources, enabling cross-market research from a single platform instead of individual local market systems. The result is instant, enhanced meta-data analysis that optimizes your research, marketing, business development and sales operations.

  5. Catch a Live Snapshot of Where your Titles are Airing Worldwide
    Curious to see where your licensed content is on the air? Interested in acquiring a title and want to see what timeslots it’s broadcast in worldwide? We’ll offer you a live glimpse of any Title in our Global Database of 300,000+ Products and 200+ million Runs. It only takes a few seconds!

    Contact us to schedule meeting. See you in Cannes October 15-18, 2018!

Visit us at MIPCOM 2018
March 1, 2018
Cannes 2018
Our VP of Media, Alex Callay, will be in Cannes for MIPTV April 9-12, 2018.

Creators are in demand this year at MIPTV and the need for Creators to manage their content on a global scale continues to be priority #1 for all rights holders. MIPTV is among the leading markets for content creators, distributors and buyers.

Click here to schedule a meeting and discuss your specific rights management and audience analytics needs.
Visit us at MIPTV 2018
January 8, 2018
Miami 2018
Our VP of Media, Alex Callay, will be in Miami for NATPE January 16-18, 2018. NATPE is among the leading business forums for global content creators, distributors and buyers, offering the international TV community a first look at the newest developments in content and distribution across all platforms.

Click here to schedule a meeting and discuss your specific rights management and audience analytics needs.
Visit us at NATPE Miami 2018