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A modular, web-based film licensing system fueled by an unrivaled, dynamic engine and a user-friendly interface, MediaRights creates an error-proof environment for licensing with precise availability calculations and real-time conflict-checking. Scalable, mobile and secure, MediaRights is designed to keep your entire film distribution team in sync while you make sales, close deals and move your content effortlessly.
MediaRights – Film Content Management System

The latest version of our film content management system is designed for today's global entertainment market, and can be catered to suit any film production or distribution company's needs...
MediaLogiq - Film Content Management System
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Backed by over 25 years of analysis and design, the ability of MediaLogiq Systems to develop and implement rights licensing software for film production and distribution companies is a direct result of our focus on people, product and process...

MediaLogiq Systems has developed software for the entertainment industry for almost three decades. Our ground-breaking team created a standard, cross-market research solution for film distributors...
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Who Is MediaLogiq?

The preferred choice among entertainment industry elite, MediaLogiq Systems is a world-class, innovative software company with agile applications for rights management and audience analytics. Powered by cutting-edge technology and informed by decades of industry expertise, we specialize in providing cloud-based, scalable services for acquisitions, distribution, licensing, program tracking, marketing and contract administration to maximize your return on investment.

Our portfolio of web-based applications for the entertainment industry includes ITVR, a multi-country, TV audience analytics platform combining television audience measurement (TAM) data with cross-market program identification and research, as well as MediaRights, an enterprise rights management software handling program catalogs, rights-in, availabilities, licensing, conflict-checking, payment terms, financial reporting, invoicing and materials servicing.