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Intellectual Property Software

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Properties in MediaRights imply to all motion pictures that production companies produce for distribution. MediaRights allows users to create, search, and maintain motion picture titles for distribution rights. The software database allows users to store detailed information at product and episode level, including: Film Title, Episode Title, Foreign Title, Genre, Category, Synopsis, Production Company, Distribution Company, Video Clips, Awards, Cast and much more.

MediaRights software offers film producers and distributors basic and advanced options to quickly search and locate the desired motion picture, and peek at the rights assigned to the film. In addition, to enhance searching potential, users have a title grouping facility. Results may be sorted by title, year, film type, or production-company. Motion picture titles are hyperlinked to show advanced detail and link to other relevant parts of the database. Moreover, results may be displayed in HTML, Microsoft Excel or Adobe Acrobat Reader formats.

In simple terms, Intellectual Properties are used for creating new film distribution rights, which is as simple as setting some basic parameters. More about motion picture distribution rights is covered in detail under Broadcast Syndication & Film Distribution Software.