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Media Asset Management Software

Media Asset Management

A modular, web-based media asset management system fueled by an unrivaled, dynamic engine and a user-friendly interface, MediaRights creates an error-proof environment for licensing with precise availability calculations and real-time conflict-checking. As an end-to-end rights licensing solution, MediaRights enables companies to unlock and optimize their assets while providing them with the ability to view and manage sales transactions to the most granular detail. As a flexible and powerful intellectual property distribution platform, the SaaS offering helps clients through increasing productivity by streamlining business processes, capturing and maximizing the full value of client content catalogs, uncovering hidden potential and exploit rights with an easy availability and contract flow process and maximizing clients’ IT investments with an innovative cloud-based solution.

As a unique combination of a turnkey yet customizable asset management system, MediaRights enables Clients to define how to move their intellectual property. While industry standard classifications are readily available, companies can also identify their own media types, territories, languages, product groups and currencies. All tables within the system are user-defined, making for a truly customized solution. Scalable, mobile and secure, MediaRights is designed to take the guesswork out of media asset management so media organizations can make sales, close deals and move media assets effortlessly.