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Digital Rights Management System

Digital Rights Management

The most robust digital rights management system on the market, MediaRights is flexible, scalable and completely user-defined. MediaLogiq Systems has a proven track record of providing the international film distribution industry with the best end-to-end software solutions on the market, while simultaneously providing high level service, support and experience worldwide. Originally designed specifically for linear television, MediaRights has evolved to meet the demands of a changing environment, enabling it to effectively manage digital media and consumer products licensing in addition to its preexisting niches in movie and TV.

Fueled by an unrivaled, dynamic availability and sales engine, MediaRights creates an error-proof environment for digital rights management. The web-based platform’s Consumer Products Licensing module automates the entire sales transaction chain from sales through fulfillment to distribution and financial tracking. The system provides complete visibility for all available content and associated distribution rights allowing for shortened sales cycle times and total operational visibility and control. With a customizable experience that guides clients through the digital rights licensing process, MediaRights is an intuitive tool built for all levels of Users.

Cloud-based and hosted, MediaRights’ intellectual property management suite provides a cost effective means to manage film and television sales, streamlining the sales process. Leveraging technology and versatility, MediaLogiq’s solution is the ultimate tool in digital rights management on a global scale.